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Nuplas - Top Feeder – 10 Frame

Nuplas - Top Feeder – 10 Frame

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A strong, unique solid plastic design, it’s the perfect accompaniment to the Nuplas beehive. Designed to be placed on top of a hive, it’s easy to fill and monitor. It’s also UV stable and has a large capacity which reduces the need to check and refill the feeder.

The Top Feeder has specially designed lugs which help to secure it on the hive box and lock the units together when not in use and being stored. There’s also clear observation panels over the bee’s entrance and extra ribbing for strapping down.

The Nuplas Top Feeder is white in colour and available in both 8 frame (5L) and 10 frame (7L) configurations. It also works perfectly with NuFeed ApiCarb Nectar Supplement Syrup.


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